Digital Model Buildings in 6 popular scales compatable with model railways. Free and Premium Buildings. Download them from our shop and print them out on your computer printer or 3D printer. Both ways build to a 3D model

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Introducing our Premium Buildings

Flexible Buildings from your computer printer or 3D Printer

Choice of Walls

Choice of Walls

Most of our Premium Buildings have a choice of walls, such as brick, stone whitewash etc

3D Buildings

3D Printer Model

All of our Premium Buildings come with a stl model for a 3D Printer


Individual Tutorial

All our premium models come with an individual tutorial


Get our full range of Buildings in a Single Transaction

  1. PREMIUM OR NONE PREMIUM - Bulk Downloads Have the Choice of whether to include the relevant Premium Buildings. Try it now!
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  3. MORE CHOICE - Many more Buildings than our Free Examples. Try it now!


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6 Popular Scales

1:43 or 7mm to a Foot. Popular in the early 20th Century and still has a good following

1:76 or 4mm to a Foot. The most popular Scale in Britain

HO Gauge

1:87 or 3.5mm to a Foot. The most popular scale in Europe and North America

TT Gauge

1:102 or 3mm to a Foot. A scale that was popular in the 1960's and still has a dedicated following

N Gauge

1:2166 or 2 mm to a foot. A popular small scale across the world

Z Gauge

1:220 a scale introduced in Japan in the 1970's